Measuring The Things That Really Matter

It is really, really important to measure your marketing efforts to learn how well they are working. However, it is also important to understand that metrics are not the goal of our marketing work. The number of Twitter followers that you have pales in comparison the the number of real conversations that you have with those followers. Your Google PageRank means nothing if your site visitors are repeat customers who come to you because you offer them value.

Often, marketers count the number of impressions that a marketing effort receives. But businesses don’t live on impressions. They live on sales. I can post kitten videos on my site and bring in thousands of visitors, but none of those visitors will be interested in hiring a writer, marketer, or in having a social media strategy developed. If I devote all of my time to developing those kitten videos, I will fail.

Developing a marketing plan is not just about creating a list of blog posts – it also includes the WHY of creating those blog posts. It involves understanding WHO is going to be reading those posts. It involves WHAT you want your readers to do, WHEN you want them to do it, and HOW you want them to contact you.

PageRank is nice. Klout is cool. Going to the bank to deposit cheques is even better. Something for you to remember next time you log in to your Analytics account.

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  1. I like it. As always, you are direct and make your point clearly. I couldn’t agree more!

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