Blown Away By A Simple Email


I’ve ordered hundreds of things online. But recently I received the most amazing email from one of the businesses that I support – Randy’s Ring & Pinion.

After searching locally for some small items to help me install some performance parts in a vehicle’s differential and coming up short, I turned to the internet. I found exactly what I was looking for, at some of the most reasonable prices I’ve ever seen. I placed an order, and received shipment confirmation later that same day, along with a UPS tracking number. Pretty standard stuff.

Searching for the tracking number on led me to discover that the item was scheduled for delivery on Wednesday, February 27th. On February 27th, at the end of the day, I received this email:

Thank you for doing business with Randy’s Ring & Pinion.

You should have received your recent order within the last few days. If you have not, please contact us at the phone number below.

We’re following up to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with your product purchase and that our service and expertise has met your needs. If there is anything more we can do to serve you, here are a few ways to keep connected with us at Randy’s.

Phone: You can call us at 1(800) 347-1188

Your feedback is appreciated. Please take a moment to fill out the survey and rate our performance: EDITED

Thanks from everyone here for shopping with us. Trust Randy’s to handle all of your differential needs.

Holy crap! What a simple thing for them to do, and what an impact it has! It lets me know that even after the sale – even after I’ve been billed, the items have been put in a box, and the box has been shipped to a foreign country – the fine folks at Randy’s are still there for me, willing to help me out if I have any issues.

Why isn’t everybody doing this? Why aren’t you doing this?


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