Now Offering Complete Direct Mail Services

I’ve become known for my work in digital marketing, but I strongly believe that all forms of marketing are worth exploring, and I’ve long been a believer in the power of direct mail. This week I’ve formed two really powerful alliances that help me provide my customers with more options. These include document printing services and direct mailing services.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time coming up with ideas for direct mail campaigns and writing copy for direct mail pieces – and then I’ve referred my customers to other sources to have the pieces printed and mailed out. Inevitably, I lose some measure of control and oversight of the project. Well, I’ve fixed that problem by partnering with VistaPrint to provide top quality printing solutions for my clients. I still love using local printers when possible, but this partnership allows me to have high quality documents printed for you at great prices, and shipped back to your location FAST.

Second, I’ve become a Registered Partner of Canada Post. Now, in addition to providing you with great ideas for a direct mail campaign and creating copy that sells, I can also handle all aspects of the mailings – including determining the demographics of who receives the mail. For example, I can now create custom mailing campaigns targeting by age, income, marital status, home type, number of people who live in the home – and more.

I’m like a one-stop shop for direct mail services. I’m really excited by this opportunity, and I hope you are too. So… let’s get to work!


This also means I can help you with other print services such as brochures, booklets, and flyers for purposes other than direct mail. I work with a couple of amazing graphic designers who can create jaw-dropping designs for you, and I can also take advantage of the templates that are offered by VistaPrint. Let me know how I can help you grow your business by giving me a call at 306-551-1701.


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