Congratulations To The Beancast On Episode #300!

Finding a great marketing podcast is tough. They do exist, but they are a lot of work to keep producing week after week, and most of them eventually disappear. Sometimes the owners get bored, sometimes the podcast brings them enough fame that they get a new job and they don’t have time to produce a show anymore, and sometimes the race to produce new content just overwhelms the owner and the quality goes downhill. Whatever the reason, the podcast goes away and we, the listeners, are left hunting through iTunes once again.

I’ve been lucky enough to come across two podcasts that have continued to pump out great content week after week for years. One of them is Marketing Over Coffee, hosted by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn. The other is The Beancast, hosted by Bob Knorpp.

Today I’d like to talk about The Beancast. On Sunday, Bob Knorpp released episode 300, which is an incredible achievement.

I’ve been listening to The Beancast since 2009 – about episode 68 or 69 if I recall – and the show continues to be amazing. Knorpp brings together a handful of guests each week (usually 3) and talks about the latest marketing news, events, and tactics. Bob expertly moderates the panel as they discuss the topics of the day.

The Beancast works well for a number of reasons:


The Host

Bob is an expert moderator. This is clearly his show, and while he leaves the floor open for his guests to debate ideas, he keeps a respectful handle on them. When the guests begin to stray off on tangents, he guides them back to the core idea and has them refocus on the topic at hand. This helps the show move with purpose and keeps it tight.

The Topics

Mr. Knorpp selects quality topics week after week. He seems to have a knack for choosing topics that are both prescient and timely, but he also somehow manages to avoid the topics that have already been talked to death in other arenas.

The Guests

The Beancast doesn’t just let anybody on. The show’s guests are senior level marketing executives, cutting edge agency owners, authors, and experts in their respective fields. They aren’t afraid to disagree with each other, and that usually results in high-level conversations that make you, the listener, really think about your own viewpoints on the topic. I always find myself talking back to my car radio during my commute as I either agree or disagree with what is being said. Show regulars include John J. Wall, Peter Shankman, Saul Colt, George Parker, Joseph Jaffe, Mitch Joel… the list just goes on and on.

Advanced Marketing Ideas

I often lament the lack of advanced ideas in the marketing space. How many times can you sit through the same presentations on social media and marketing that talk about the same 5 basic ideas that you learned 15 years ago? I don’t need another podcast that tells me how to get Twitter followers. The Beancast moves far beyond Marketing 101 to challenge your assumptions and make you really think through your decisions. It is by far the best hour of professional development and entertainment that I do – and that fact that I am able to do it each and every week (FOR FREE!) is truly incredible. This show has truly helped to transform me into the marketer that I am today.


Congratulations to Bob Knorpp and The Beancast on 300 episodes of quality content. I truly hope that you continue to produce these amazing shows week after week. My Monday drive to and from work is always dedicated to your latest show, and I truly believe that it makes me a better marketer.

Thank you Bob, and please keep up the exceptional work.


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