Getting Out In The World

Last week I left my desk behind for a day and went out into the real world to do some one-on-one marketing. What a treat! I learned more about my current marketing campaign in 4 hours of talking to real people than I did in two weeks of looking at data from Google Analytics and social media.

Of course, that shouldn’t be a surprise. There is a reason why, despite having huge marketing budgets, companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi still have sales people on the ground and employ street teams. Meeting people in person and asking them questions works. It’s not scalable, but it really complements your other efforts. In addition, if you’re marketing something tangible, giving people a chance to interact and touch your product is something that you can’t simulate on a computer screen, on a billboard, or in a newspaper.

But don’t take my word for it. Some guy in Washington D.C. thought he’d give street marketing a try earlier this week, and he seems pretty pleased with how it worked out for him.


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